↯ FAQs

› Does the car have to be a rally car & does it have to be a Toyota?

• No. Only standard vehicles 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive are allowed. Modifications are prohibited.
• Rally Jameel is open for all brands.

› Will the training be theoretical or practical, and when and where will it be?

• Both, theoretical and practical training on 4-5 March in JED. (Riyadh may be added later depending on the number of entries from Riyadh & Sharqiyah. If so, dates will be 8-9 March in Riyadh).

› When does entry close & when is the last day for early registration?

• Entry closes 1st of March. Early Registration ends 20th of February.

› What is the right clothing for the event?

• Clothing is free as long as it covers the whole body, but it’s recommended to provide race overalls In order to appear appropriately for the event, as well as for photography and sponsors, if any.

› Do we have to provide a helmet for the driver and co driver?

• Yes, it must be provided for both.

› What kind of license do we need to participate in Rally Jameel?

• Local or international valid driving license accepted in Saudi Arabia. Also, for the Co Driver if she will help with driving during the Event.

› What are the criteria for accepting participants?

• Date of Registration.
• Date of issuing Driving license.
• Date of entry fees deposit.
• Experience in off road driving (after interview).
• Pass the training program (Navigation for codrivers & on ground desert driving for drivers).
• Entered car (priority will be given to 4×4 cars).
• Physique In terms of height and weight.

› Can we have sponsors on our cars and uniforms?

• Yes, but Identification numbers, rally plates and all organizer ’s advertising must be fitted to the car for scrutineering and must be visible for the duration of the rally. As marked in red.

• No political, religious or abusive advertising is permitted.
• The advertising of tobacco (or related products), alcohol and/or pornography is forbidden on cars, competition/service equipment and on the team members’ outfits.