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نود أن نشيد ونشكر كل الجهات الحكومية التي دعمت وساهمت في إنجاح #رالي_جميل ٢٣ في نسخته الثانية ✅

Emotions are still high after wrapping up the second edition of the first all-female off-road navigation rally in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East 

Congratulations to all our participants who took the challenge and drove way out of their comfort zones. The success is all yours 💕

#rallyjameel #saudiarabia #femalerally #femaleempowerment #womeninmotorsport
Success cannot be achieved without the cooperation of all related parties.

We would love to thank our partners for their valuable efforts and support. #rallyjameel 

لا يمكن أن يتحقق النجاح بدون تعاون الجميع، نود أن نشكر شركائنا على جهودهم ودعمهم في #رالي_جميل .
The second edition of Rally Jameel may be over but we still have so much to talk about!

Let us take you on an adventure to all the rally route locations and share the historic stories of the Kingdom. 

Elephant Rock is where our women started their journey. Upon the towering backdrop of mother nature’s sculpture that was formed millions of years ago, there couldn’t have been a more iconic way to commence Rally Jameel.

#rallyjameel #alulamoments #elephantrock #femalerally #alula

Music : www.purple-planet.com
ملخص اليوم الأخير رالي جميل ٢٣ | Final 
day highlights Rally Jameel 23

#rallyjameel #femalesinmotorsport #femalerally