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RALLY JAMEEL 2024 Media Accreditation

1 Welcome :

Due to the overwhelming number of applications for media accreditation since the announcement of the rally, we’ve had to implement a process in order for it to run smoothly.

Media accreditation is not guaranteed. Due to the overwhelming national and international media interest over the past few weeks, accreditation will only be awarded to those journalists from recognised media houses that can guarantee relevant event publicity. If you are a freelancer, we require a letter from a recognised media house confirming that you have been commissioned to write an article / produce a broadcast insert and providing details of the piece.

Only accredited press photographers will be granted media accreditation and photographers may only take pictures for use in their own publication. Under no circumstances may photographs taken at Rally Jameel will be sold.

Only pre-approved photographers or journalists will gain car access to the route whilst the elite cyclists are racing. This is non-negotiable.

No photographers or journalists will be allowed on the route with their own car.

Please note that Rally Jameel can supply visuals of the Rally free of charge and are happy to do so. Exclusive use of images can be negotiated in consultation with the Media Office.

Media accreditation will allow you access to the Media Centre, where you can:

• Access an accredited, rotational car (to be arranged with the Rally Media Office prior to Rally Day) to take you on the route at specific intervals, and on a first come first served basis;
• Receive rally results, hot off the press;
• Conduct interviews in a sound-proof location.

Accreditation can only be collected from the Media Centre at RALLY JAMEEL Hail (Millennium Hotel) on 4th of March 2024 from 07:00 until noon.

Please complete the media accreditation form. Clearly indicate for which part of the rally you wish to apply for accreditation.

Before applying for media accreditation for Rally Jameel, please carefully read through the information outlined below.


    2 Registration Form :

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    • Contact Number :

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    • Name of Publication :

    • Type of Media :

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    3 Authorisation & Waiver :

    If this Accreditation Application is approved an Accreditation Pass will be issued by the Media Office of the Rally Jameel (the Media Office).

    Each Application for Accreditation must be submitted via email and confirmation will take place electronically. Media badges will not be mailed in advance; all pre-registered media must pick up their materials onsite at the Rally office that opens in Hail (Millennium Hotel). Media who have registered and met the Rally Jameel requirements for registration will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    As a registered member of the media you will be provided with access to the Media Centres. Specific event access rules will be attached to your Accreditation Pass.

    Misconduct or misrepresentation of position and/or publication/news organization may bar you and your organization from all future events.

    Rally Jameel reserves the right to deny, refuse or revoke media badges during pre-registration as well as at an event. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Although registration is complimentary and the media are provided with amenities such as refreshments and wireless internet connections in the Media Centres, media attendees are responsible for their own additional expenses such as dining, parking, travel and accommodations.

    Each Applicant, by submitting the Media Accreditation Application, hereby acknowledges that they agree to comply with the event specific rules, and all access is subject to the conditions set out below:

    1. Event Media Accreditation Access is granted by the Media Office for the sole purpose of providing coverage, news, commentary and reporting of Rally Jameel.

    2. An Accreditation Pass is non-transferable and may be revoked by the Media Office if the holder breaches media rules for an event or fails to comply with these terms and conditions.

    3. Unauthorised use, alteration or dealing with an Accreditation Pass may result in the temporary or permanent cancellation of the Accreditation Pass and the possessor's and /or the holder's ejection from the event.

    4. Theft, loss or unauthorised use of an Accreditation Pass shall be reported to the Media Office as soon as possible.

    5. Soliciting or accepting orders for any product or service, including advertising space, at any of the events or anywhere along the routes is prohibited. Distribution of your organisation's promotional material also is prohibited.

    6. Media Rights: The ownership of rights in respect of various events and formats is set out on the Rally Jameel website. Media Accreditation does not justify a breach of these rights.

    7. The Media Office reserves the right to use any photographic material obtained during the events. Photo credits will be supplied with any photos provided by the Media Office.

    8. The holder of an Accreditation Pass assumes all risks incidental to his/her actions, assumes all risks incidental to his/her attending the event, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rally Jameel from any and all claims, damages, losses, costs and liabilities including, without limitation, personal injuries and/or property losses, caused by, resulting from or in connection with his/her presence at the event, UNLESS such claims, damages, losses, costs, liabilities, personal injuries and/or property losses resulted from the fault of Rally Jameel AND covered by Rally Jameel’s insurance policy.

    9. No photographic company and/or photographers are allowed to sell or distribute photos to participants in the events. The official participant photograph service has the sole right to sell images to participants.

    10. Media photographers must wear the high visibility media badge as provided by the Media Office at all times while in the car.

    11. Any accredited media must wear the high visibility media badge provided by the Media Office at all times while working on rally route and interacting with riders of the event.